Onion in Indonesia

Onion in Indonesia

Shallots are a very strategic horticultural commodity in Indonesia. Almost all families eat shallots every day. This red onion is very much cultivated in Indonesia because it is loved by many Indonesians.

Shallots are produced in 24 of the 34 provinces in Indonesia. The main shallot producing areas (with an annual harvested area of > 1,000 hectares) include North Sumatra, West Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali, NTB and South Sulawesi. These nine provinces account for 95.8% of Indonesia's total shallot production (Java accounts for 75%).

Shallots are one of the main vegetable commodities that have been intensively planted by farmers for a long time. This vegetable commodity is included in the non-substitute spice group and can be used as food seasoning and traditional medicinal ingredients.

Shallots are excellent for Indonesian people, all Indonesian specialties must use red onions. In addition, red onions can also be used as traditional medicines such as ingredients to reduce fever and much more.

With so many shallot-producing areas in Indonesia, people are creative in making shallots as a cooking spice that cannot be replaced. Its strong aroma makes the food taste better. For example, in some areas, red onions are processed into savory and crunchy fried onions.

In the nine provinces above, shallots are very famous in Indonesia. The Brebes onion, which you may have heard a lot about, is one of the red onions with superior quality. This red onion is not only consumed in Indonesia but has begun to be exported abroad. Although this red onion is not a typical Indonesian plant, it is a typical Iranian plant, but it is a plant that is very much needed in Indonesia.

Come on... Is it true that all Indonesian food or herbal medicine, aka Indonesian traditional medicine, must have shallots. So let's be proud of our crops, one of which is shallots. Maybe if the onion is sold directly, the price is small, but if the young people around the farmer are creative in making ready-to-eat food, the selling price will be high.


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